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An introduction to Up Up 'n' Away, its mission, the founder Penni & an insight into its origin, from its conception to it's inception.

Up Up 'n' Away is a brand new, Australian pregnancy + parenting hub. Connect with us & discover informative articles to support your parenting journey & your child's growth from pre-natal through to school age. Search our products to create a beautiful functional space for your child or purchase The Phoenix Diary app or book to log, track & essentially keep a healthy schedule of the varied routines your newborn baby requires.    


Up Up 'n' Away's mission is to share the legacy of parenthood, to provide new parents an accessible platform with insightful information, creative ideas, methods of support & both beautiful, functional products to assist them on their journey.


 My name is Penni.  I am a mother, amateur novelist, avid interior decorator…... I am probably still too obsessed with twilight. Yes, still.

But mostly I am an obsessive organiser.

 My plastic bags are all knotted neatly in their own drawer and sectioned according to size. I have fashioned a pulley system onto my bin so I can throw out my rubbish from the comfort of my balcony.

 Yes, I am 'mum-gyver'.  A DIY fiend. Ikea could probably retire from me alone.

In 2008 I had my first child. And everything changed. I went from self-confessed OCD to all of a sudden feeling overwhelmed and out of control. My house was a mess, my son was a mess, I was a mess! I needed some organisation in this chaos!

Now until pregnancy changes including sprouting, like, a dozen more arms, and developing 3000% more patience (enough goes on why not this?), we all need a little help now and then, for I am not octopus super-mum and it’s ok that you probably aren’t either.  



I started Up Up ‘n’ Away in 2008 after the birth of my son and my experience as a first time mum.  My perfectly scheduled life was in shambles – where on earth are the nappies, when did I last feed my son, has he bathed today, have I? I needed to restore order.

I began designing and hand-making my own storage solutions with locally sourced materials and some truly amazing friends to help me out. I needed a functional but still beautiful way to organise the chaos, and keep things out of reach of those sticky, inquisitive little fingers. I also found myself carrying around a notebook to jot everything down, which led to publishing The Phoenix Diary; a handbag sized diary to easily keep track of all baby’s activities and milestones in the one place. It’s also a nifty app now, go technology!


Up Up 'n' Away has come a long way over the years and my quest for organisation, knowledge and sanity has flourished into a supportive online parenting hub for anyone with a little one in their life. Designed to be there through those testing times, and celebrate those cherished moments of joy.  A community for support, information, laughs, and shop for unique products designed by mums and other clever creatives. I hope it helps you, your family and your journey through this fantastic, crazy ride called parenting!


The Up Up 'n' Away website itself has now being given a whole new makeover in both its aesthetic, functionality & simplicity, making it even more consumer friendly for your viewing & navigating pleasure.  

I would love to hear any feedback so please feel free to give me a call, shoot me an email, send your kid over, send a carrier pigeon, get in touch and say hello.




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Snake wrangler
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