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Australia’s Top Baby Names 2021

The most popular baby names of 2021 are out with Charlotte and Oliver announced as the two mostpopular names for babies born in Australia.

McCrindle shared the full list of the most popular baby names 2021 today, including the top 100 boys’ baby names and top 100 girls’ baby names. They also shared some interesting trends that are certainly impacting the baby name selection.

Check out the full lists below and let us know where your children’s names came in

Top 100 girls’ baby names 2021

Charlotte remains on top of the charts for yet another year while Amelia takes over the second spot. Rounding out the top ten are Olivia, Isla, Mia, Ava, Grace, Chloe and Matilda.

Some of the new names to make the list include Remi, Harlow, Hallie, Maeve, Adeline, Molly, Maggie, Delilah, Eliza and Isabel.

Top 100 boys’ baby names 2021

Oliver remains the most popular baby name in Australia in 2021 followed by Noah, William, Jack, Leo, Henry, Charlie, Thomas, Lucas and Elijah.

Newcomers to the top 100 list include Leonardo, River, Luka, Lewis and Lennox.

Most popular Australia baby names 2021 by state

While Charlotte was the most popular name in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and Northern Territory, Tassie parents preferred Willow while New South Wales parents favoured Amelia and Western Australia opted for Isla as their top baby name 2021.

Oliver was most popular for the boys’ names in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. In Northern Territory, the top name was William, in Tassie, Charlie and in ACT, Henry.

Biggest rising names

Some names are rising up the charts a lot faster than the rest including Willow, Hazel, Leo and Theodore.

Here is the full list of the names to watch:

1. Leo

2. Theodore

3. Hudson

4. Archer

5. Willow

6. Hazel

7. Hugo

8. Arlo

9. Harvey

10. Violet

11. Florence

12. Aria

13. Ivy

14. Elsie

15. Elijah

16. Audrey

17. Mila

18. Luna

19. Freya

20. Millie

21. Arthur

22. Sadie

Biggest falls

Of course, some names need to fall from the top in order to make room for the next generation of trendy names.

Below are the names that have seen the biggest falls this year:

1. Sarah

2. Dylan

3. Maddison

4. Matthew

5. Lara

6. Luke

7. Summer

8. Riley

9. Daniel

10. Claire

Baby name trends 2021


Parents continue to use the botanical theme as a source of inspiration when naming our little flower girls. Just look at Willow (9th), Ivy (14th), Lily (21st), Violet (34th), Daisy (47th), Poppy (50th), Jasmine (56th), Rose (70th), Olive (75th), Rosie (81st) and Delilah (96th).


In recent years we have noticed a trend of Australian parents opting for shorter names as first names. For example, Jack (4th) outranks Jackson (42nd), Leo (5th) outranks Leonardo (80th) and Archie (16th) outranks Archer (23rd).

Even for girls, currently Ella (11th) outranks Isabella (15th) and Isabelle (36th). In true Aussie fashion, we are also seeing a trend of shortening names and adding an ‘ie’ on the end: Rose to Rosie, Savannah to Sadie, Amelia to Millie, Isabella to Billie, Charlotte to Charlie, Elizabeth to Ellie and William to Billy.


Another common trend we see for another year is royal influence with both Charlotte and William in the top three. Other names inspired by our royal friends include Archie, Harry, George, Louis, Elizabeth and Charles.

Biblical baby names

Bibilical baby names are nothing new but there are a few new biblical names on the radar. Today, seven of the Top 20 boys’ names can be found in the Bible: Noah (2nd), Thomas (8th), Elijah (10th), Levi (11th), James (15th), Alexander (18th), and Ethan (20th).

Over this same period, the proportion of the Top 20 girls’ names that come from the Bible has declined from three (Sarah, Rebecca and Hannah) 20 years ago to just one today (Chloe, 8th).

Vowel or Y ending

Interestingly, 80% of the girls’ names (16) in the Top 20 list end with a vowel or ‘y’ sound, with almost half (9) of these ending with the letter ‘a’, producing the gentle ‘ah’ finish.

Popular girls’ names are not only most likely to end in a vowel, but they are most likely to begin with one too. Twenty of the Top 50 girls’ names begin with a vowel compared to just 12 of the Top 50 boys’ names.

Source: https://mumcentral.com.au/australias-most-popular-baby-names-2021/

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