• Penni from Up Up n Away

How To Announce Your Pregnancy: ALL The Ways To Share The News

Finding out that you’re having a baby is the most exciting news you can get, right? So it’s only fitting you’re excitedly planning how to announce your pregnancy!

Do you put a new status on Facebook? Or maybe you should organise a photoshoot? There are so many different ways to announce your pregnancy – it’s completely up to you!

Not sure how to break the baby news to your partner or family? Then check out this list of cool and creative pregnancy announcement ideas for some fun inspiration!

1. Change your Facebook profile pic

Definitely the most subtle, yet suitably cheeky, announcement of them all. And oh- so simple! Just update your profile image on Facebook to either a photo of your baby’s first ultrasound or your positive pregnancy test. You could even opt for something more cryptic and funny, like a pic of a bun inside an oven.

2. Announce your pregnancy with personalised gifts

Get some special mugs or t-shirts made up that let family members like your parents or siblings know they’re soon going to be a grandparent or aunt/uncle. They’ll be so shocked when they open the post! You can also get fun tops made up for your partner or yourself – e.g. announcing that they’re going to be a daddy or yourself a mummy.

3. Make a coming soon movie poster to announce that you’re pregnant

If you’re a bit of a wiz on photoshop, get creative and make a fun movie poster announcement! Simply take a funny photo that illustrates the fact you’re pregnant and then add in when the ‘movie’ is due and your names. Your friends and family will think it’s hilarious! If you’re not a design guru yourself there’s plenty of Etsy shops that offer this service.

4. Eating and drinking for two

Nothing screams baby more than eating for two! You can go subtle and just have a photo of you tucking into something like pickles and ice cream. Or, go even further and include your partner who is now drinking for two as well!

5. Say it with sweets

Invite family and friends around for a party or meal. Then when it’s dessert time bring out a cake that does all the talking for you! A cute pregnant cake topper sign, or a simple “We’re pregnant” written on the icing is super fun. And if you want something even quirkier, order some special fortune cookies with your big news on the paper inside. Next time you order Chinese take-out, your partner or family will get a huge surprise!

6. Use save the date cards to announce your pregnancy

This is brilliant for it you’re engaged but haven’t set your wedding date yet. This way when you post out ‘save the date’ cards everyone will think it’s your wedding invitations. Instead, you can have your baby’s due date and an ultrasound pic! You can also send out really nice pregnancy announcement cards like this even if you’re already married, or not planning to wed.

7. Bump reveal

This works best if you don’t live near a lot of your family or friends, or haven’t seen anyone for a while. Just don’t post anything of yourself on social media for the first few months. Then when you’re starting to show a bit, surprise! Drop a bump pic in your feed and let the comments fly in!