• Penni

Things to Do with your Kids these Holidays

We thought it would be useful to list some ways to have fun these upcoming holidays with your kids without spending a lot of money. Here is a list of ideas that we came up with for you and your little ones to enjoy these spring holidays.

· Go to the library – Let them pick a book to read.

· Create a fort inside out of pillows and blankets. I know my little one loves doing this.

· Have a picnic at the beach or even in your own backyard.

· Play dress ups. Slip into your outfits and have a make-believe garden party or superhero adventure.

· Bake something. Anything. (Chocolate cake is always a winner). They will love getting their little fingers dirty and especially the licking of the bowl afterwards. Yum!

· Practice or teach them something (reading, tying shoes, zipping zipper, sports, rhyming, sorting, telling time.)

· Do Yard Work Together

· Toddlers can help pull weeds and sprinkle the flowers with a tiny watering can. Have a kid-size rake and a bubble-blowing lawn mower on hand.

· Do some art and craft.

· Get in the Game. Now that the weather is nice, your kids have no excuse to stay inside. To help get them off the couch, try introducing them to a new sport.

· Go for a family bike ride.

· Listen to their ideas and make a list of things you want to do together next time!

Now you have some ideas of what you can do these spring holidays with your little one, go have fun and enjoy your time with them.

“When you look at your life, the greatest happiness’s are family happiness.” ~ Joyce Brothers