The Phoenix Diary Book

The Phoenix Diary Book


The Phoenix Diary book  assists you to log, track and essentially keep a healthy schedule of the varied routines your newborn baby requires. 


  • Record baby's sleeps, feeds, baths, nappy changes, growth + more.

  • Track time elapsed since last entry.

  • Capture, import, store + share photos.

  • Track growth, milestones + special moments.

  • View + share daily, weekly + monthly summaries. 

The START and FINISH are where you put the times from and to. (I would always forget what time he started or finished feeding or sleeping and then could not figure out when he was due his next feed so if he cried, I just feed him).

The L/R is the left and right boob used. (I couldn’t always rely on the feel your boobs trick because even if I had feed him on the right it was as big as the left because most women have a bigger breast, one that produces more milk than the other).

The FEED, SLEEP & WATER are what you did for the specified time. Just put a tick in this box or you could write that he was restless when sleeping, distracted when feeding, was windy. (I wanted to know what he was doing at those times just to keep track of how much food and sleep he was getting, you always worry that they don’t get enough or they are getting too much, and what kind of mood he was in).

The P/W stands for Poo’s and Wee’s. To record the daily passing’s. (I wanted to know that he was regular and what he was doing. For example, I would write small, large, massive, yellow, green, skid (when he just did a skid mark), watery, painful etc.).

The EXPRESS is for when you express some milk and, in this box, you can also write how much you expressed. (I wanted to see how much I had gotten out of my breast and at what time, one, to see that I had left enough time to feed him again and have enough to feed him with and two, to know how much to be able to feed him with it later. It is good to have the expressed milk in the fridge or freezer to be able to leave your baby with someone in an emergency or that date with you partner).

The BURP is to set your mind at ease that they did a big burp after feeding. (I would just write down if he had a big or little burp so that I knew when he woke up from his sleep, because he would always fall asleep while feeding, that his cry would be because he needed to burp).

The WALK is for when you take your little guy or girl for a lovely walk. (I wanted to keep a track of my exercise as well as his and if he fell asleep while walking).

The BATH is for what time you bathed them. (I was bathing my little guy once a day to settle him in the evenings until my Mum told me she would bath me twice a day sometimes. She said that in the daytime it would help me to have a nice sleep. Works like a charm!).

The TIME is to calculate how long your baby is feeding each time. (Just to know that your baby is getting enough or maybe you are feeding them too much. This helps to regulate their feed and keep an eye on the routine).

At the bottom of the page there are totals of all that your little munchkin did for the day and a little section to write a note about anything else that may have happened or that you are worried about. (I started just writing the times down but them realised I wanted a daily summary of what was going on and found myself looking forward to over viewing each day to either compare it to the day before or just to know that my guy was getting enough love and care.


I also would write NOTES about his daily activities like when he vomited, when he was restless and cranky, or had something wrong with him so that I had a record of it if it was something that I had to go to the doctor for or even if we went out and how he handled it or make a note to do something or just how much of a play time he had that day or what he achieved that day like holding his head up, or lying on his belly and pushing on my hands. Just those exciting bits and pieces you want to know).