The Phoenix Diary App :

The Phoenix Diary app  assists you to log, track & essentially keep a healthy schedule of the varied routines your newborn baby requires.    
the phoenix diary app breastfeeding tracker
  • Record baby's sleeps, feeds, baths, nappy changes, growth + more.

  • Track time elapsed since last entry.

  • Capture, import, store + share photos.

  • Track growth, milestones + special moments.

  • View + share daily, weekly + monthly summaries. 

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 Being a new mum is a little daunting and can also be overwhelming at times.

The time seems to drag. At other times, it flies by and you don’t know whether you slept or the baby slept, whether you ate or the baby ate, if you changed the baby enough, is he wet, is he hungry, is he tired?

Well, with this app will make it simple.

As a new mum I would forget the times my little man did things so after about a week I started carrying a book around with me, and did this for the first three months, to record how my baby boy was doing.

Like all mums, I was tired and sometimes could not remember the time that he was last feeding and of course when he cried, I just feed him. I wanted to get him into a routine and with the book I took note of when he fed, excreted, urinated, slept, bathed, walked etc. It was just to get an idea of his routine and then I adapted it slowly to suit my routine.


I was a worrisome mum and wanted to know that he was getting enough feed to make him function correctly and that it was coming out the other end properly and regularly.

 You have so many things to remember I thought that this book would be a great idea for the new mum to set her mind at ease and be able to enjoy her baby to the fullest.


I wanted to make it as simple as possible so that with one glance you can see the information that you need to know.

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The Phoenix Diary  is also available in printed book form just the right size to slip into your handbag. For more information or to purchase click here